Today’s Bible Reading

January 2

Old Testament 1

Genesis 2:4 - 25

This scriptures takes us further through the process of creation. 

There was no rain during the beginning of creation, it was just mist as established in Genesis 2:6.

God created man in His image and made all provisions before creating Eve so they could live together

Adam named every living creature (Genesis 2:19).

(“On a side: God was the very first Surgeon. He performed a surgery on Adam and used spiritual Anesthesia drug…” – Genesis 2:21)

Verse 24 talks about a man leaving his father and mother and cleaving to his wife and they shall be one flesh. This is a good marriage counsel. 

Old Testament 2

Job 2:11 – 3:26

Job 2:11 – 3:26

Here we see a great example of how to comfort grieving persons. Sometimes you don’t have to say anything, just be there for the person, your company might be all they need. Also they might just need you to listen.

In chapter 3:25&26  

A lot of people say I’m just minding my business, I don’t deserve this.

This scripture established the fact that you could do everything right or do nothing wrong but that doesn’t exempt you from trial. 

The difference is you will always come out victorious and better. God is in control. God uphold Job. Anyone who believes God will never be disappointed.

New Testament

Matthew 2

“The least place we think we could find greatness is where it is”.

The wise men looked for The New born King at Herod’s palace. They were wrong.

The birth of Christ brought about Great Joy. It still does. 

Discovering Great Exceeding Joy is in Finding Jesus!!

Also these scripture taught us how to give. Even unto The One who has everything! Jesus has everything but was given gift by the three wise men. The best gift we can give Him is to surrender our lives to Him.

The star they saw indicates there is something peculiar in heaven about the born King

This scripture also established a lot of prophecy being fulfilled.

Action Point

For married persons, where are you cleaving to something else apart from God and your spouse? Make amend. Don’t allow distractions in your marriage

In what ways have you not been exhibiting high emotional intelligence, or in what way have you been absent when your friends need you?

Are you aware of the prophecies concerning your life? Are there prophecies you need to rebuke? Are there prophecy you need to claim and walk in?


“The least place we think we could find greatness is where it is”

Prayer Points

  1. Lord give me rest from all up and downs in the world.

  2. Give me the grace to endure till the end.

  3. Give me light to know you are existing.

  4. Direct my path to the right place to see Jesus.

  5. Every trial you may be going through, ask God to comfort you and make you overcome

  6. Every negative prophecy on my life, oh God blot it out with your blood

  7. Every good prophecy concerning my life, O God, fulfil them speedily in my life

  8. I pray for my marriage to be as you God has planned it from the beginning