Today’s Bible Reading

July 27

Old Testament I
Ruth 2
Ruth 2 is the second chapter of the book of Ruth in the Old Testament. It tells the story of Ruth's encounter with Boaz, a wealthy landowner and relative of her deceased husband, while she is gleaning in his fields.

In the beginning of the chapter, Ruth goes to glean in the fields, which was a practice in ancient Israel where poor people could collect leftover grain from the fields after the harvest. She happens to come to the field that belongs to Boaz, who notices her and asks his workers about her. They tell him that she is the Moabite woman who came back to Bethlehem with Naomi, and that she has been working hard all day.

Boaz then approaches Ruth and tells her to stay in his fields and not to go to any other field, where she may be harmed. He also offers her protection and food, and even tells his workers to leave extra grain for her to collect. Ruth is surprised and grateful for Boaz's kindness, and asks him why he is being so good to her, a foreigner. Boaz replies that he has heard of her loyalty and kindness to Naomi, and that he wants to bless her for it.

As the chapter ends, Ruth returns home with a large amount of grain and tells Naomi about her encounter with Boaz. Naomi is delighted and tells Ruth that Boaz is a close relative, which means he may be able to help them with their difficult situation.

Overall, Ruth 2 shows how God provides for the needs of His people through the kindness of others, even in difficult circumstances. It also foreshadows the greater redemption story of Ruth and Boaz, which points to Jesus Christ, who redeems and saves all who trust in Him.

Old Testament II
Isaiah 43:11 - 44:5
Isaiah 43:11-44:5 is a passage that highlights the uniqueness and sovereignty of God as the only true God, who alone is able to save and redeem His people. The passage also speaks to the people of Israel, reminding them of God's faithfulness and their identity as His chosen people.

Isaiah 43:11 begins with a declaration from God that He is the only Savior, and there is no other besides Him. This statement emphasizes the uniqueness of God and sets Him apart from all other gods that were worshiped during that time. God then goes on to remind the people of Israel of their identity as His chosen people and how He had redeemed them from Egypt, calling them to not fear but trust in Him.

In Isaiah 43:16-21, God reminds the people of Israel of the great things He had done for them in the past, including parting the Red Sea and providing water in the desert. God reassures them that He is capable of doing even greater things in the future, and that He will continue to provide for them as long as they trust in Him.

Isaiah 44:1-5 is a message of hope for the people of Israel, as God promises to pour out His Spirit on them and bless them with prosperity and growth. God also reminds them that they are His chosen people, and that He will not forget them.

Overall, the passage emphasizes the unique and sovereign nature of God, and reminds the people of Israel of their identity as His chosen people. It calls them to trust in God and to not be afraid, as He will continue to provide for them and bless them in the future.

New Testament
2 Corinthians 2
2 Corinthians 2 is a chapter in which Paul addresses the issue of forgiveness and reconciliation within the church.

In the first part of the chapter (verses 1-11), Paul explains why he had not yet visited the church in Corinth as he had planned. He had chosen to delay his visit so as not to cause them further pain, as he had previously had to confront them about certain issues. He urges the Corinthians to forgive and comfort the person who had caused the offense, so that he may not be overwhelmed by excessive sorrow.

In the second part of the chapter (verses 12-17), Paul describes his own ministry and how he spreads the fragrance of Christ everywhere he goes. He uses the analogy of a triumphal procession, in which a victorious general would lead a procession through the city with the spoils of war, and the fragrance of the incense would be spread throughout the city. Paul sees himself as a soldier in Christ's army, spreading the fragrance of Christ's love and salvation wherever he goes.

Paul also contrasts his ministry with that of false teachers who peddle the word of God for profit. He warns the Corinthians to be on guard against such people and to make sure that they are following the true gospel.

Overall, 2 Corinthians 2 emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation within the church, and encourages believers to be vigilant in discerning true gospel teachings from false ones.