Today’s Bible Reading
February 9

Old Testament 1
Genesis 47 - 48:22


Everybody should prepare for his or her death when they will not be able to answer questions or arrange for anything, but their written words will speak for them. Jacob was not carried away by the care he received from Joseph in Egypt. He told him how he wanted his end to be, where to be buried and he claimed the children of Joseph born before his arrival in Egypt as his children without explanation and he adopted them to have equal rights with the twelve children. His order was followed even after four hundred and seventy years that they returned to the land of Canaan. Ephraim was recognized as a tribe like Manasseh. Maybe because it was in the plan of God to claim one of the tribes to Himself that they may minister to other tribes and they will still remain twelve tribes. With many studies, we can see the dying ones talking about the future of their families, some will settle quarrels, some will arrange for peace, while some will instruct their children on what to do, and some will pray for children, some will advise to put some things in place.

All these are the Will that will stand in their position after their demise, and the Bible says "the Will has no power when the owner is alive" but after death it stands in their position (Hebrew 9:17). Many children may forget the face, the position of their parents, but their last words are usually written on a platter of gold in their mind.

Everyone has his or her fate and experience and it's peculiar with an individual, in order to continue the traits you need to instruct your children. Many write the will of their properties but the best will is the continuation of your traits which dignify you from others, which will immortalize your name and sustain you. You don't need to wait till your old age before you start it now by feeding your children of your belief and vision for your family, after all, not everyone will live long and those who die also have many plans but died with them. Grave is the richest place, where many unfulfilled missions are buried, don't die with your good ideas, hand them over to your successors.

Old Testament 2
Psalm 26, 27

The Lord fought for those who trust in Him.

David cried to God for help when he was in trouble and God delivered him. Whatever you are passing through, whatever the challenges, call God for help. Be prayerful and courageous while you wait for God’s answer.

New Testament
Matthew 26:58-75

All the efforts of the false accusers did not stand since Jesus lived a holy life which should be emulated by all the Christians. We should live above error in all aspects of life that can be pointed to by our accusers.

The Jewish leaders found faults against Him, but to no avail. Saying he will destroy the temple and build it up on the third day was their accusation, but he had not pulled the temple down, meanwhile, he was talking about his body as the temple.

The evil people might want to catch us by our words, and we need to be careful that we may not be summoned to be judged. Peter did well as he followed Jesus to a far distance to know what would happen to him.

What we cannot help, we need to continue praying, the physical watch is not enough. Let's save our ministry on our knees rather than physically fight, Peter would have engaged in prayer for Jesus with the other disciples so that they may not fall into temptation.

If we want to live above accusation, we will pray for time to be silent and time to speak, when Jesus did not speak they couldn't find any fault but the only sentence He made was what they held on to. He knew what would happen and that was why he made the statement. I pray the power to live above accusation will be granted unto us in Jesus name. We will not be implicated by the faults finders in Jesus name

Action Point

Death is inevitable and we believe God has blessed us with a length of days, and that doesn’t stop us from writing our will. Write the vision you would like your family your children to pass on


“Everytime you defeat a temptation, you become like Jesus”

-Rick Warren

“We gain the strength of the temptation we resist.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Prayer Points

1. Pray for God's mercy

2. Pray that God bless you with length of days filled with good health and prosperity

3. Pray for strength

4. Lord favour me

5. Let my life exalt Your name

6. Endow me to believe and hold fast to the faith till the end

7. I lay down all my challenges, worry and anxiety before you oh God



Pastor (Dr) S.A Olorunkiya, JP

Pastor M. O. Shodipe