Today’s Bible Reading
February 10

Old Testament 1
Genesis 49

Jacob called his children and blessed them according to their behaviour

The lesson here is children need to honor their parents as it is stated in the Bible.

Old Testament 2
Psalm 28, 29

God is our strength, provider, shield, and helper.

He is powerful to save us. His voice is full of majesty.

When we trust in Him and praise Him, He will help us.

New Testament
Matthew 27:1-26

“The people told Pilate His blood shall be upon us and our children”.

There are generational curses that have passed on till today! As Christians, we shouldn’t be ignorant of this. But the good news is when we gave our life to Christ, we have a new lineage in Christ and old things have passed away.

Furthermore we learnt in this scripture that all what was prophesied about the death of Christ was fulfilled. To show that God’s plan for each person will be fulfilled.

Action Point

Reflect on God’s promises for you, start declaring


“one of the greatest enemies of hope is forgetting God's promises”

-John Piper

“God's promises are all on condition of humble obedience”

-Ellen G. White

Prayer Points

1. Thank God for providing, helping, protecting you

2. Ask for God's mercy

3. Rebuke every generational curses in your life

4. Pray that nothing should stop God blessing in your life

5. Father give me the heart to know you from the womb till the end of my life that I may enjoy the blessings

6. Lord show me the way to go