Today’s Bible Reading
February 6

Old Testament 1
Genesis 44

All the arrangements of God are perfect on His people. Satan often accuses the saints and lures them to condemnation but for the intercessory role of Jesus Christ they are vindicated. The children of Israel out of self-defense judged themselves and they cannot believe their eyes to find the cup of Joseph in Benjamin's sack. Let's digress a bit here, as Christians, we need to be conscious of any situation and not judge or entangle ourselves with curse or swear, who knows what would have happened if the servant of Joseph had not said "no but in the hand of anyone found the cup shall become my slave." In a deep thought, we can recall the unconsciousness of their father Jacob when he was accused of stealing Laban's idols he declared death to the person with the idols and Rachael later died at the birth of the same Benjamin, though Joseph's brethren don't know how the cup of Joseph got to Benjamin's sack but because Judah had judged unconsciously makes the matter so difficult.

So many have placed themselves under curses and judgment, if not for the intercessory role of Jesus at the right hand of God pleading on our behalf. Judah pleaded to be enslaved for others to be released because he stood as a surety, so also, Jesus intercedes for the saints on any kind of sin committed.

Old Testament 2
Psalm 22

When you are in a situation as thou God doesn’t hear you. Do not be discouraged, remember all His goodness in your life in the past, remember those who have gone through the same situation before and the Lord deliver them in the scripture, do not give up, Do not listen to those mocking you, focus on God. Continue praying and also praise God.

He will hear you and you will share your testimony.

New Testament
Matthew 25:31 - 26:2

Jesus Christ is coming back again and when He does He will judge every individual.

If Jesus was physically among us. So many people would be nice to Him, they would go the extra mile, but Jesus is not physically present so He expects us to be kind and loving to even the least person in our midst. How you treat your neighbor is how you treat Jesus. How you treat those that are less privileged is how you treat Jesus. It’s unfortunate we see people who lift up their hands worshipping on Sunday but they treat their employees badly. They treat their employees how they wouldn’t treat Jesus. Remember the two greatest commandments. Love the Lord your God with your whole mind, soul and spirit and love your neighbor as yourself. When you do not obey God’s commandment, it’s a sin and the reward is eternal damnation. Repent today so that you will have eternal life as Jesus said.

Here’s a link to an article on Facebook titled IMAGINE that explains better

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Action Point

Be slow to anger, learn not to pronounce judgment on yourself.

Be kind


"There’s no such things as a small act of kindness.

Every act creates a ripple with no logical end."

-Scott Adams


"Be the living expression of God's kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile."

-Mother Teresa

Prayer Points

1. Thank Jesus for interceding for you everyday

2. Ask God for mercy

3. Pray that Holy Spirit strengthens you

4. Pray that God save you from every challenges that may come your way

5. Pray for the Spirit of Kindness

6. Lord help me to endure

7. Hold me with your hand as I put my trust in you God

8. Let your purpose in my life become reality my God and Saviour.