January 1

Old Testament 1

Genesis 1 - 2:3

God is the creator of all things. Whatever it is that's in the world. This scriptures established that fact.

God created everything and it was good

God rested on the seventh day ,Rest is important ( Genesis 2:2)

God created man and woman in His image and we are meant to DOMINATE.

It's actually our nature to dominate in the world. Not to dominate over each other but over every other thing God created. That was the command. (Genesis 1:28)

These scripture also talked about how organized God is, "God created this and this.. and God saw that it was good". It talks about how God analyses the task He did at every step. There's a lesson here ; we should follow God's way of creation. Be organized and analyse what you have done

Old Testament 2

Job 1 - 2:10

God has authority over everything!!

Each time God tells Satan, you can do these jobs but here's where you are restricted. Satan listens. As God's children, we also have that authority. We can command the situation and Satan in whatever form he appears.

Back to Job, Job was upright and faithful. Despite the test and challenges, he never cursed God. We can learn how to deal with adversity like a job. Even when you are hurting, how do you react to that situation? Do you know if it's a test ?


New Testament

Matthew 1

This scripture establish the genealogy  of Jesus Christ

We can also learn here how Joseph obeyed the instruction of the Angel. What was asked of him wasn't easy but he obeyed and did excellently well

An important question we should also ask is how  did Joseph know it was the Angel of God that instructed him.  It was established earlier he was a just man (Matthew 1:19).

For you to be able to discern you need to be just. (A just man is someone who is in the right relationship with God)

Action Point

God wants you to dominate the earth, your career, your business, your education etc.

God wants you to be faithful even in the face of trials. He wants to boast of your faithfulness

God wants you to exercise the Authority He has given you. Over any situation, challenges, trial, over satan!!

Have you ever been wondering how to differentiate between the tiny little voices in your head or have you ever wondered when people say God told me, and you are like.. excuse me? How did God tell you.. I have a couple tiny little voices in my head and it’s pretty difficult to tell which is God’s.. well.. wonder no more. The answer is by being Just . You know God's voice by spending more time with Him, by building your relationship with Him. Simple.



For you to be able to discern, you need to be just (in a right relationship with God)

Prayer Points

Thank God for creating you in His own image. God is wonderful.

Pray that you may not abuse the privileges God gave us as human

 Pray that God help you walk in the authority He has bestowed upon us

 Pray that God help you to be just so you will be able to discern His voice correctly

Pray that God empowers you to overcome any temptation and ask for mercy anywhere you have failed Him.