Today’s Bible Reading
January 31

Old Testament 1
Genesis 38


Levirate Marriage is one of the traditions that event had overthrown hardly we can see a woman that will allow levirate marriage especially in this civilization era. The levirate marriage is an act of raising a child or children in the place of a dead brother by the younger brother of the deceased. It was practised so that the generation of such a man may not be wiped out, it was a tradition that had been long existing but such tradition was nowhere to be found within the christendom. But the New testament allows the young widow to remarry to any man of her choice. The death of Onan was not because of levirate marriage but because of his selfishness and wickedness, he thought that the child raised would not be his child, it would have been better if he did like the next of kin to Naomi who said he will not be able marry Ruth and nobody fought with him, but for entered with the woman and spite it is an act of wickedness. Such wickedness continued with Judah, Onan's father. He would have released a woman to marry anyone of her choice but he kept her so long in her father's house and hearing the news that she had put in the family way supposed not to cause such a penalty that Judah proposed for her if not for the evidence she had. The New Testament side of the young widow or widower is to remarry but if he or she decides to remain unmarried such should live to keep the body of Christ without blemish, because the nature of man or woman is considered and it is better to remarry than to be messing up; loss of wife or husband is not a license fall to fornication. As we can see that the death of Judah's wife led him to involve in picking of harlots and his ring, belt and staff were collected as collateral, so those involved in sin shall be disbanded and put to shame.

Old Testament 2
Psalms 15,16

The Psalmist highlights the characteristics that can make man live in the presence of God include working righteously, walking perfectly and speaking truthfully, with clean hands, a pure heart, control his or her tongue, not taking bribe and committing other atrocities, and also honouring the people of the Lord. Such a person will call on God and He will answer them, such a person cannot be moved because they have put the Lord before them.

What God requires from us is to live a holy life and keep His commandments and anyone who wants to be with him must be righteous.

New Testament
Matthew 21:33 - 22:14

For God’s will is that all might be saved.

God sent His ministers from the beginning to preach the gospel

What is the call?

The call is the gospel. The gospel is the good news to come into the kingdom of God.

Despite God’s effort to get the world to repent, it’s unfortunate a lot of people still take God’s Grace and call for granted, and this is the case when a lot of people believe salvation is free. Salvation isn’t free, It is costly, someone paid for it. Jesus paid the price so we could have it as a gift. Salvation is precious. But a lot of people act like the servants in this parable. They mock God’s servants, they mock preachers, they persecute Christians.

And the second category are believers, they have answered the call but they are not living according to God’s will. If you are in either category, please REPENT!

Action Point
Make it a habit to share the gospel with people and also support Christian missionaries with prayers and your resources.

Repent if you haven’t been walking perfectly with God

“those who walk with God, always reach their destination”
-Henry Ford

“I would rather walk with God in the dark than go alone in the light.”
-Mary Gardniner Brainar

“We are the bible the world is reading
we are the creeds the world is needing
we are the sermons the world is heeding”
-Billy Graham

Prayer Points
  1. Thank God for the gift of salvation
  2. Ask for God’s mercy and forgiveness for your sin
  3. Pray that Holy Spirit helps you to live righteously
  4. Pray that God counts you worthy for His kingdom
  5. Pray that you won’t miss the glorious home God prepared for the saints.
  6. Pray that Holy Spirit helps you to live a Holy life
  7. Pray for the Grace to control your tongue
  8. Intercede for souls that aren't saved yet, that God should open their eyes to the truth.



Pastor M.O Shodipe

Pastor (Dr) S.A Olorunkiya, JP