Today’s Bible Reading
January 20

Old Testament 1
Genesis 26

There was a famine in the land where Isaac was but Isaac reaped hundredfold in the same land

As a child of God, God is our sufficiency. It doesn't matter what the economy is, when God calls us blessed we are blessed.

Also, Abraham's blessings were passed on to Isaac. Abraham's walk with God made God blessed him and the blessings extended to his next generations.

As a parent ,what legacy are we leaving for our children? I hope isn't going to cause them more trouble while we are gone or even during our lifetime.

After God blessed Isaac, Abimelech and the people of the land were envious of him. So they sent him away. But Isaac still prospered more and they came to meet him where he was and begged him to swear and oath not to attack them because they have seen that God is with him.

When God blesses you, people will be envious but it doesn't matter what they do, it won't stop God's blessings on you.

Also, God's blessings are not constrained by your location. As long as God didn't tell you to leave the location.

Old Testament 2
Job 32 & 33

[32:2 Then the wrath of Elihu, the son of Barachel the Buzite, of the family of Ram, was aroused against Job; his wrath was aroused because he justified himself rather than God]

After Job has responded to his three friends and they couldn't confront him anymore.

Elihu wittily and boldly confronted Job.

He was angry that Job justifies himself instead of God.

He made a lot of bold statements to condemn Job.

Elihu was annoyed to see that Job claimed to be righteous before God.

It is better to glorify God for your righteousness than to tell people around you that you are righteous, they always hate anyone calling one's self righteous.

The great sin they allotted Jesus was that he claimed to be righteous and the God's sent. But everyone knows himself or herself, so why should claiming righteousness be an offence?

Till today, people hate anyone with holier than thou attitude. You will not offend them when calling yourself sinner, imperfect, unjust etc; for they believe no person can be righteous before God.

But anyone in Christ is a new creation, old things have passed away, behold they become new. People don't believe that anyone in flesh can live without sin.

We are clean by the blood of atonement of Jesus Christ. Don't allow anyone to place guilty charges against you, any sin confessed before the Lord has already been forgiven. Enter boldly into the mercy throne and do not condemn yourself for he who justified you is around and no one can condemn you.

Don't allow inferiority complex condemn you for Christ has died for your sake. Then you can ask for anything you want and it shall be done. This is the aspect where christians are better than other religions because they trust the righteousness of Jesus Christ, not their own righteousness as other religions portray.

(Pastor M. O. Shodipe)

New Testament
Matthew 13:44 - 14:13

Jesus made us understand here that the kingdom of God is precious. Nothing you have is worth more than reigning in the kingdom of God.

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?" -Mark 8:36”

You're not losing your possession to gain the kingdom of God out of compulsion. It should excite you.

When you give up lying, when you give up the desires of the flesh. You are giving it up for greater good.

And you are not just giving up things that are bad for you. You give up things that are good and pleasurable to you.

For example, you give your time, your money, and your resources for God’s kingdom.

After all, He owns us. So He owns everything and yet He still appreciates it when you give it to Him and rewards you for it. Isn’t that awesome!

Action Point

Trust God to be your sufficiency

Repent of your sins

Determine to do whatever it takes to be in God’s kingdom


God has supplied all my needs and has not failed me once

-Watchman Nee

Prayer Points

Thank God for He is your sufficiency

Ask God for forgiveness of your sin

Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide your heart

Pray for Divine provision

Pray for God’s covenant of blessings be fulfilled in your life

Pray for the boldness to declare your righteousness in Christ

Pray for the Grace and power to do whatever it takes to be in God’s kingdom