Today’s Bible Reading Exposition

January 3

Old Testament 1

Genesis 3

The serpent and eve scenario explains to us that it’s not every question we should entertain. We don’t have to answer some questions. We should be careful of subtle questions.

It wasn’t enough that Eve answered, she went ahead and explained. We should also know when to cut answers short if at all we want to answer.

This act made Adam and Eve disobeyed God

Further in the chapter, they tried to hide themselves from God. 

Sin takes away our boldness to access God.

(That’s why God has to reassure sinners to come boldly before the throne of Grace –Hebrew 4:16)

Sin takes away our fellowship with God

There are consequences for every action and the consequence of Adam and Eve action is what we are suffering till today.

God chased them out of the garden and blocked the tree of life in the garden. But the good news today is you don’t have to look for that tree. The tree is Jesus Christ and you can accept Him today!

Old Testament 2

Job 4 & 5

4:8 Those who plow iniquity and sow trouble reap the same.

5:17 Behold Happy is the man whom God correct; therefore do not despise the chastening of the Almighty

This scripture talks about different mysteries of God.

We’ll limit our exposition to the two verses above.

Chapter 4 verse 8 is a clear statement of “there is consequence for every action” as we have stated above in Genesis exposition.

Whether good or bad, whatever you sow you’ll reap

Chapter 5:17 makes us understand it’s a pleasure to be corrected by God. It shows He loves you. 

Also we have to understand True love corrects. For example, if you had a friend who is walking right into a pit unknown to him, would you allow him? God knows the end from the beginning, so when He corrects us, it’s for our benefit and this should make us Happy

New Testament

Matthew 3

There’s a wrath to come and the way out of it is to flee

And the way to flee is repentance; true repentance is in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. You can’t do it on your own.

We also learnt here that Jesus laid a good example of not breaking “scriptural protocol”. Jesus was baptized with water by John the Baptist. 

It was after this there was a confirmation from heaven that Jesus Christ is God’s beloved son in whom He’s well pleased. 

Imagine if Jesus had listened to John and think ‘hey I’m above water baptism, after all I can baptize with fire’

Action Point

You’ve seen what disobedient could do. Is there any place you’ve been disobedient to God? Ask Him for mercy

Is there anywhere God chastised you and you didn’t like it, so you say unpleasant words or reacted badly. Ask Him for mercy

If you have not been baptized with water make effort to do so

And if you have been baptized with water and yet to be baptized with the Holy Spirit, ask God to fill you. He’s more than willing to


True repentance is in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. 

There’s consequence for every action

Prayer Points

1. God I thank you for the written word that gives us the origin of the Fall of Man.

2. God help me to obey your commandments

3. My sins from childhood be eradicated by Jesus blood

4. I repent of my sins today and I declare that I am free in deed in Jesus Name

5. Ask for Wisdom to deal with Satan deceit in any form