Today’s Bible Reading
March 23

Old Testament I
Exodus 40 

Exodus Chapter 40 marks the conclusion of the book of Exodus and the completion of the construction of the Tabernacle, a portable sanctuary that the Israelites built according to God's instructions. In this chapter, Moses is commanded by God to set up the Tabernacle and all its furnishings, which have been made according to God's specifications.

Once everything is in place, the glory of the Lord fills the Tabernacle, signifying that God's presence will dwell among the Israelites. Moses then sets up the altar for burnt offerings and sacrifices and consecrates Aaron and his sons as priests. Finally, the laws regarding the upkeep of the Tabernacle and the offerings to be made there are given to the people.

Exodus Chapter 40 underscores the importance of following God's commands and the significance of having a place for the Lord's presence to dwell among His people. It also highlights the role of the priests in the Israelite community and the importance of making offerings to the Lord.

Old Testament II
Psalms 94, 95

Psalm 94 is a psalm of lament and a call for justice. The psalmist cries out to God, asking why the wicked are prospering while the righteous are suffering. The psalmist appeals to God to take action and bring justice, reminding Him that He is the judge of the earth. The psalm concludes with a declaration of trust in God and a call for His people to sing His praises.

Psalm 95 is a hymn of praise to God. The psalmist invites all of creation to come and worship the Lord, who is the great King and the Creator of the universe. The psalmist reminds the people of God's past acts of salvation, such as when He delivered them from slavery in Egypt, and warns them not to harden their hearts like their ancestors did in the wilderness. The psalm concludes with a call for all people to come and worship God with joy and thanksgiving.

Both of these psalms emphasize the importance of worshiping God and the need for justice in the world. Psalm 94 expresses the pain and frustration of those who suffer at the hands of the wicked, while Psalm 95 offers a joyful response of praise to God's greatness and goodness. Both psalms serve as reminders to trust in God and to give Him the praise and worship He deserves.

New Testament
Acts 24

Acts Chapter 24 describes the encounter between the apostle Paul and Governor Felix of Judea. Paul is brought before Felix to answer charges made against him by the Jews. In his defense, Paul speaks about his religious beliefs and practices, and how they align with the teachings of the Way, which was the early Christian movement.

Felix, who was interested in learning more about the Way, adjourns the hearing and invites Paul to speak to him again at a later time. Paul is kept under guard but is allowed some freedom and is even visited by friends. After two years, Felix is replaced by Porcius Festus as governor of Judea, and Paul is again brought before him to face charges.

In Acts Chapter 24, we see the apostle Paul displaying his courage and wisdom as he defends himself and the teachings of the early Christian movement. The encounter with Felix and Festus also highlights the growing influence of the Christian movement and its perceived threat to the established authorities of the time. The chapter highlights the challenges faced by early Christians and the resilience of their faith in the face of opposition.

Action Point

let your heart be a dwelling place for God

shun wickedness

worship God with your LIFE


We shall never be clothed with the righteousness of Christ except we first know assuredly that we have no righteousness of our own.
-John Calvin

self righteousness has killed more people than smoking
-John McCarthy

the greatest enemy to human souls is the self-righteous spirit which makes men look to themselves for salvation
-Charles Spurgeon

Prayer Points
thank God for the victory
thank God for His grace
ask God for mercy
pray for the power of Holy Spirit
pray for God intervention in your life
pray for God's protection
pray for the grace to worship God in obedience
pray for the grace to worship God in spirit & in truth
pray for a pure heart
pray for the grace to live right so that God will dwell in your heart