Today’s Bible Reading
February 5

Old Testament 1
Genesis 43

Reuben could not stand as surety because he had lost his credibility. Every surety must meet up with the quality demand worth to equate the terms, that was why Judah used his two children as the means of the surety.

Benjamin was important to Jacob not only because he was last born, but because he was the only seed of love that he served for fourteen years, as we can recall that Benjamin was the only available child from Rachel his lovely wife as he understands at this juncture to which he served to marry for fourteen years.

Also the church of God is the only surviving seed from the atonement sacrifice of the blood of Jesus Christ. The children of Jacob knew the importance of Benjamin to their father Jacob that was why they were troubled when Joseph said they should not come back without their younger brother's accompany them, that Judah has to stand in surety to his release from their father.

But it is very sad to see that many have lost their credibility before God. Instead of increasing the number of people God has placed in their care, they scatter the fold and lose many to Satan.

Joseph saw his brother in Egypt and was happy and ordered the preparation to eat with them, so Jesus will be happy to see the church at the end of the world and he will eat with them as he promised to eat with them in the God's kingdom. There the twelve were present, they brought out the one in the prison and they were served accordingly, so the church will eat with Jesus, the wounded, lost and imprisoned for the gospel sake shall be served, even the repented gentiles shall also seat at the table and be served as the Egyptian were also found at the Joseph's table. I pray we will not be left out at Jesus last Supper in Jesus name.

Old Testament 2
Psalm 20 and 21

Do you know God is able to save you?

Most people would reply yes but will look for alternatives at every slight challenge. There are people who believe some challenges are beyond God. Sounds ridiculous right? but that's the reality when you believe God can bless you but you doubt if God could heal you of a terminal sickness.

God is powerful and by His strength He can save us from ANY SITUATION. We just need to have faith.

He saved David from all his enemies and from evils. He is the same God yesterday today and forever (Hebrew 13:8). Trust Him. KNOW that God can save you & He will!!!

New Testament
Matthew 25:1-30

God wants us to be productive. God's plan from the beginning is productivity. God told Adam , Abraham and many more to be fruitful. As Christians, God has deposited a seed in us that He expects us to bring fruit. It is not limited to winning souls, God wants us to excel at our workplace, in our finances, every aspect of our lives.

What causes unfruitfulness

Lack of fear of God

The last servant said he feared God but the fear is the wrong type of fear. The right fear of God is respect to do according to God's will. Doing God's will doesn't hurt us. There's no downside to doing God's will!!


The last servant wasn't courageous or bold. Trading with the talent their master gave them must have involved risk. But the remaining two servants took the risk and they were fruitful. No wonder the master gave the one with more talent more because he assumed more risk.

That was why the master told the last servant, assuming you are scared of risk, why can't you just put in a bank that has assurance of interest without assuming any risk.

Which leads to the 3rd cause of unproductivity;


When you have the mindset of God’s child as a winner, as someone who has an excellent Spirit, you must be productive and excel.

The last but not the least cause of unproductivity that basically covers a lot of others;


Sin will rub you of your time, resources and energy. Think of the time & energy the last servant used to dig the ground to bury the talent. He could have used less to go to the bank to deposit it. And the nature of sin in him made the servant only see bad in the Master.

In conclusion, it doesn't matter if God only gave you half talent, it doesn't matter if the only thing you knew how to do is welcome new members to the church. Don't envy the choir master that gets to stand on the altar and minister. Do your work so well and be fruitful there, God will be pleased with you & reward you!

May we not fail where God has placed us so we will not be condemned.

We should also keep in mind that the master can come unexpectedly, let us stay ready for our Lord's coming, and be wise in getting extra oil so that we will not be like the 5 foolish virgins. Getting extra oil requires not being lazy and making a wise decision like the two servants with 5 talents and 2 talents. Let's do whatever it takes to be at alert and to reign with God.

Action Point

Determine to be productive- Cut off everything that makes you unproductive. Write down your vision. Lay out a plan.

Determine to go the extra mile for God


“Always deliver more than expected”

-Larry Page

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort”

-Paul J. Meyer

“Thinking will not overcome fear but action will”

-W. Clement Stone

Prayer Points

1. Thank Jesus for He has been the one keeping the Church safe

2. Ask for mercy for cases where you have been careless with those God placed in your care

3. Pray that God save you from every evil

4. Pray against the spirit of fear in your life, pray for boldness

5. Pray that God should create the right mindset in you