Today’s Bible Reading
January 5

Scripture Reading 
Old Testament 1

Genesis chapter 6 - 7:10
In Genesis chapter 6, the great wickedness and evil heart of human made God to destroy man with flood (6:7)
God told Noah to make an ark. God was meticulous about the dimensions and features of the ark. (God is orderly, remember the detailed process of creation? We should likewise be orderly)
Noah found Grace in the eyes of the Lord (6:8) (Remember yesterday’s exposition? The importance of the name we bear? ) Noah’s name was fulfilled.

Old Testament 2
Job chapter 8

This scripture talks about how 2 Job friends were trying to comfort him in this chapter.
Verse 20 says God will not cast away the blameless, nor will He uphold the evil doer. 
Verse 6 & 7 says if you were pure and upright, surely God would rise for you, prosper you where you are, and though your beginning was small, your latter end would increase abundantly.
So whatsoever trial we might go through as a believer we should know as long as we are pure and upright or blameless through Jesus Christ. It will pass and these positive decrees shall be the final result as it was for Job.
God will fill our mouth will laughing and our lips with rejoicing and the plans of the devil will fail and our enemy will be put to shame as stated in verse 21 & 22 

New Testament
Matthew chapter 5 verse 1 to 20 

This scriptures consist of blessings in various forms to us as believers
Furthermore, in (verse 14. You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden)
We are meant to shine. We should not limit or cover our potentials. We should thrive to the best of the ability God has given us.
Verses 20 is the standard of righteousness God expects from us which is the criteria of entering into the kingdom of heaven. That righteousness is Jesus Christ. Accept Him into your life. The Pharisees and the scribes believed in the law but did not believe in Jesus Christ. And this verse said our righteous must exceed theirs. This means we must believe in the law and believe in Jesus. Jesus said I have not come to abolish the law but fulfill it. It means when you believe in Jesus Christ you should also believe in the fulfillment of the law. Your belief in Jesus Christ doesn’t exempt you from the 10 commandments. Thou shall not kill still stands. 
The difference when you believe in Jesus Christ is you only follow the law that is rooted in Jesus Christ teaching.

You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden
Your belief in Jesus Christ doesn’t exempt you from the 10 commandments.

Are you passing through a difficult time and you are tired? Don’t give up. Hold on to God’s word. It will end in laughter and Joy
Have you been holding back on your talent and waiting for a sign to manifest your God given potential in full capacity? This is it. 

Thank God for His Grace in your life
Pray that God will give you a repentant heart to be a precious vessel to honor 
Pray for a heart like Jesus and not to go back to wickedness of the flesh
The blessings God has prepared for me will not elude me
Every plan of the enemy concerning my life has failed in Jesus Name
Rebuke every spirit of anxiety 
Father help me to know you are my sufficiency for I cannot do anything without you
I decree I will continue to shine bright in my career, business, education etc. in Jesus Name.
The Holy Spirit helps me to walk in the righteousness of Jesus Christ.