Today’s Bible Reading Exposition

January 3

Old Testament 1

Genesis 4 & 5

Remember yesterday’s reading?

When God wasn’t pleased with Cain offering, Cain reacted badly.

This type of scenario happens in the church today. In a situation where a member of the church is corrected, some do not take corrections well. Or when they do things and they don't get much hype or the church does not seem to appreciate them the way they expect, they feel bad, sometimes leave the church, worst case scenario, renounce their faith.

And off course the consequence is greater. 

After Cain had badly reacted; from bad countenance to acting it out by killing his brother; Abel and the consequence of his action sets in. Cain said my punishment is greater than I can bear (4:13).

Furthermore in Scripture, we got to learn the name you bear is important, it affects who you are as a person.

Lamech named his son Noah (5:29) Meaning “the same shall comfort us about our work and toil of our hands, because of the ground which the lord has cursed.

And God did use Noah

Old Testament 2

Job 6 & 7

Job was describing his affliction in this scripture. It is important we know how severe Job’s affliction was, to appreciate the victory.

New Testament

Matthew 4

The devil was not afraid to come up to Jesus after He just finished fasting for 40 days and 40 nights.

As Christians we should know, the Devil isn’t afraid of what we know, he is afraid of us applying what we know.

Here, we learnt Satan first tempted Jesus with a bread, Jesus just finished 40 days of fasting and He is hungry. This shows Satan will tempt you with what you crave most at a particular time.

Satan usually tempts you with what you already have, but he makes it look crafty and wants you to get it on a false premise so you can be in rebellion against God by thinking you got it yourself or he(satan) helped you get it or you never had it. Remember Eve, They were already made in God’s image, but Satan convinced them they weren’t. 

Here satan tried to tempt Jesus with what he already has, power and dominion. But Jesus overcame the written word of God.

This is why studying the scripture is very important. 

Satan tried to be crafty with the scriptures too but Jesus' knowledge of the Word made Him overcome. Who am I kidding? I mean… HE IS THE WORD!! 

Also in this scripture, Jesus started preaching and His message was simple. Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.

Furthermore, Jesus selected His disciples with one mission in mind. To win souls for God’s kingdom.

There’s another significant thing to note here, Jesus was performing miracles all over. The reason He could do all these was because He had paid the price. (These things can’t be done without prayer and fasting-Matthew 17:21)

We also learnt here that people are yearning for miracles. A lot of people followed Jesus after He performed miracles. It’s not bad if people follow you to get miracles, at least they get the chance to even hear more things you have to say.

Action Point

Be conscious of the names God has called you

Determine to be committed to studying God’s word

Determine to pay the price to walk in your full potential


Satan only tries to tempt you with what you already have

There’s a price to pay for the gift you want

Prayer Points

Thank God for given you a New name through Jesus Christ

Ask for mercy in ways you have taken constructive criticism in bad faith

Ask God for humbly spirit to be able to take criticism in good faith

Rebuke every negative name that has been given to you from birth 

Pray that God should make you live the name He has called you

Pray that God helps you in your commitment to His word

Pray and Fast for the manifestation of God’s power in your life so you also can preach the gospel and also perform miracles