Today’s Bible Reading
February 14

Old Testament 1
Exodus 4

Moses was basically looking for a reason not to go back to Egypt

Some of the reasons were genuine but after God answered him and solved his concerns, Moses started coming up with new ones and told God to send someone else. In a way, Moses' excuses could be attributed to inferiority complex.

There’s a lesson here for us. We should stop thinking we are not good enough. Inferiority complex will not get us anywhere. We are good enough. And even if the vision or task is bigger than us, it’s not bigger than God. The fact that we think we are not good enough means we rely on ourselves to do it and not on God. If we truly rely on God, we wouldn’t let the thought of we are not good enough stop us. There’s no mountain too high for us to climb.

Old Testament 2
Psalms 34

This is a psalm of praise for people that trust in God. Those who know God must praise Him and trust Him for all things.

Also the Psalmist is telling us what we should do if we want to live long and see many days. We have to depart from evil and do good, seek peace and pursue it.

New Testament
Acts 1

Jesus appeared to His Disciples after He rose. He talked to them before He ascended to heaven.

The Disciples asked Him when the kingdom of Israel will be restored and Jesus answered it's not in their place to know the time because only God knows and He hasn't given us that authority. Our mission is to share the gospel of Christ all over the world. And we can only do that when we have received the power of the Holy Spirit. The power of the Holy Spirit will give us boldness and tell us what to say.


The Disciples decided to replace Judas Iscariot's position because they read that it was written before in prophecy. So they prayed to God to choose among the two persons selected since God sees every human’s heart.

This is the right way of choosing leaders in Church, no matter how we think we know someone, we don’t really know them. God sees everyone and we need to leave that decision to Him. We shouldn't choose leaders without involving God.

Also in our lives, we shouldn't make decisions by ourselves. We should learn how to follow God's lead in our everyday decision making. We should learn how to involve God.

Action point

Stop looking for excuses. Stop limiting yourself

Decide to involve God in your decision making and follow Him when He leads you!


“Trust God in the dark until the light returns”

-A.W Tozer

“We have to depart from evil and do good. Seek peace and pursue it.”


1. Praise God for everything He has done for you

2. Pray for the Grace to continually do good and seek peace

3. If you have any decisions you need to make, Pray that God guides you to make the right decision.

4. As it is written that those who trust in God will not lack, Pray for provision and God’s blessing